Textured Nails

Throughout the past year there has been an explosion in nail decorating as it has expanded onto a whole new level! From stick on printed patterns to the new magnetic nail polishes introduced by O.P.I, nothing is impossible when it comes to nail art, and the obsession is only growing!

My friend recently bought Leopard print stick-on nail prints from New Look, Nail Rock, for a nigh out. She was so excited to put on the nail wraps, but to her disappointment she did not find the procedure as easy as she thought. She said it was very fidgety and that the nail wraps did not tick on to her nails properly and left gaps on her nails. This has influenced my opinion on using nail wraps, but at the same time my friend does not have the greatest of patience or finesse when doing such intricate procedures, so I’m not sure how well they work for people who are generally fairly able at applying make-up, not that my friend’s incapable and looks like she puts her make-up on with her feet or anything.

My Nails in O.P.I 'Concrete'

My Nails in O.P.I ‘Concrete’

Anyway, I recently jumped on the nail art bandwagon and splashed out a bit on a nail polish from O.P.I’s new range of Concrete nail polish, ‘Marble Arch’. At first I didn’t really understand how it worked as the polish looks smooth in the bottle, but once applied onto my nails it formed a gravelly texture instantly. I wasn’t too sure about how much I really liked this style in comparison to the smooth shiny surface I’m used to seeing on my nails, but once they dried I really liked them as they give off a nice finished textured look in the light and make my nails feel strong.

I have had this nail varnish on now for four days and there hasn’t been one chip on my nails; this has always been my main issue with nail varnishes and for this one to last so long without flaking is a major bonus because it means you don’t need to keep taking off your nail varnish and re-applying and you get more for your money.

Furthermore, in terms of the coarse feel on the surface of my nails, which still catches me by surprise every now and then, is not unpleasant but just different and I think my nails actually look quite nice and unique, and I would definitely get more in a different colour. It also makes me want to try the other nail designs O.P.I has to offer, including their magnetic nail varnish, the holographic design and the one that I most intrigued to try, the leather coating.

O.P.I Leather Nails

O.P.I Leather Nails


Patterned Knitwear


Fun knitted designs

A lot of male celebrities joined in with this fun trend

Even Bianca

Last night I was watching an episode of Eastenders, because I’m cool and hip, when I noticed the character Bianca sporting a black and pink patterned knitted cardigan. A few moments later my mum commented on the vibrant cardigan stating it looked ‘garish’.. I just laughed along but actually I thought it was really nice and was going to try and Google it after I found out if Max and Tanya were going to get back together.

During Autumn/Winter patterned cardigans became a trend, especially in menswear and with style icons like Tinie Tempah and Labrynth wearing the garments and I think they look retro and chic! I just hope I look more retro-chic than Bianca from Eastenders! I have even started to spot cardigans that are being styled inside-out, like the cardigan pictured right at the top. This gives the garment a vintage feel with the blurred patterns toning down the colours slightly and erasing the sharp knitted paterns, which I think works really well.