Printed Jeans

Apart from stonewash making a huge comeback, I have also spotted A LOT of patterned jeans in high street stores, especially in the classic Leopard print style that has been the eye of fashion fot the last three years! These trendy jeans would look gorgeous with a plain top and a pair of sandals. They can also be dressed up with a pair of heels and tight top, there is really no limit to printed jeans, unless you want to wear them with a different patterned top, then that’s your limit, because then you could be classed as looking ‘special’.

They have definitely taken slight attention away from patterned leggings, and I must admit, I prefer the look of patterned jeans. At least you do not have to worry about your underwear showing through and your mum telling you she can see too much of your bum…But I will definitely be scraping my measly student pennies to get a pair this summer, I think they will be a key item this summer.


Jeans are a BIG this season, ad stonewashed fabrics and softer styles are popular styles on the high street. I love soft jeans because they are comfortable and are light enough to wear for the hotter weather without feeling like your jeans are sticking to you.

Because of how tight softer jeans are, they are versatile and can be worn with a flowy top for a more casual feel. This also hides your stomach if you feel that is your problem area, and then you can show off your skinny pins!

Alternatively, your can tuck in a cute vest top into your jeans and wear them with a statement belt. I love wearing them with a vest and my gleaming white trainers as I can tuck the bottoms of the jeans into your trainers to show them off even more… because I think I’m cool like that.