Shine Bright Like Metal!

My favourite of the latest fashion trends definitely has to be the introduction of the head-to-toe metallic outfit; bold and beautiful gold, silver and bronze clothing and accessories have been lighting up the high street. Not only does it give me a chance to wear my gold hoops, necklace and three of my favourite bracelets at the same time without looking tacky (kind of), but also it is stylish and fun. This trend allows for experimenting with clothing and jewellery and offers an exciting approach to new fashion collaborations.

Big brash jewellery comes with the territory, the louder the better. I have always found that statement jewellery is a good investment as it can brighten up a plain outfit and can completely transform an outfit you have worn before, statement pieces are always so versatile, and they don’t have to be expensive. Although Saint Laurent’s Arty Oval Ring would definitely suit our hands perfectly, there are plenty of high street brands that offer jewellery pieces that are just as eye-catching without the price also catching your eye.

Furthermore, the introduction of patterned metallic clothing is a great breakthrough for fashion. I am in love with Michael Kors’ Lamé Jogging Trousers; now obviously they’re not joggers you wear on the treadmill or to the corner shop to pick up milk, but they are the epitome of smart casual and would look great with a pair of wedged trainers and a plain long sleeve top.

DKNY’s Lace Drop Waist Dress is also an example of this fabulous fashion trend, the black and gold lace is indulgent glamour meets what I call ‘modest sexy’, it shows off the legs but gives a lot to the imagination. It does have that ‘pep-hem’ that I’m not so much a fan of but combined with the lace of the skirt it blends well and is subtle.

**Carolina Metallic Trousers by Goldie from Topshop

**Carolina Metallic Trousers by Goldie from Topshop

However, the high street has nailed this trend perfectly; Carolina Metallic Trousers by Goldie, which you can find in Topshop, offer the same smart casual look without mirroring the Michael Kors price tag. So, if you’re a wall flower when it comes to experimental fashion, try maybe a chunky ring or metallic top, you never know this could give you a confidence boost.


The Slip of the Peplum

So, last year when the peplum was in every magazine and high-street store, I must admit I didn’t quite get it. The skirt is cute, as it revels in the curvier female, flattering the waist and bum and accentuating the beauty of an hourglass figure, but the top always had me confused. I always thought it looked like a dress, but in the form of a top, it didn’t really sit right with jeans unless they’re ultra tight, but at the same time I found a peplum top is too short to sport with leggings.

However, time has gone by and the peplum is still here and queer, and if you can’t beat them join them, and that is exactly what I have done and I have never looked back. If worn with the right shiny leggings or jeans, it can look so right and bring your inner Kim Kardashian out. It can be said for the peplum, that it is one of the few pieces of clothing that suits the curvier lady more as it can hide the stomach and show off the splendour of a woman’s waist.

And it’s so versatile! The peplum top can be worn casually with a pair of tight jeans when you’re going to lunch with a friend as well as with shiny leggings and heels when you’re going to a club. I bought a peplum top from Topshop by Wal G of which I fluctuate in its use for going to a bar or going shopping:

Furthermore, there is more to a peplum than just a top; they are on skirts and jackets, always being revived and changed to keep up with the trends. The recent fashioning of the peplum is the pep-hem. You can find this take of the peplum at the bottom of a lot of skirts; however, this time, I don’t know if I can be swayed on the style. Unlike the peplum, which has been traditionally used to highlight curves, the ‘peplumed’ hem seems to me to give the illusion of a chunkier leg; something that I don’t think a lot of women would want.

Although, this can be dependent on the length of the skirt. Take for example ASOS curve exclusive skirt with peplum, although it is charming and looks good on the model, I can’t help but think for the plus size lady for which the peplum has been so giving to, this might be a bit of a down fall. I think that unless you have really slim legs, that this peplum design which starts just above the knee may focus on the calf, which is the larger part of the leg, making them perhaps seem bigger than what they are.

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skirt With Peplum Hem

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skirt With Peplum Hem

The peplum-hem also seems a bit old-fashioned and reminds me of the 50s, which isn’t a bad thing, but there’s a difference between old-fashion and retro, and the hem definitely takes on the middle aged 50s housewife look for me, something the RETRO peplum top and waist skirt takes away from because of its sexy, edgy appeal. So overall, I think the peplum should be held up at the waist and not left to fall at the knees.

All Aboard the Orient Express!


Everyone knows how tricky it can be dressing to season trends in our fickle British weather, but lucky for us oriental style has dominated with its long sleeved, high neck garments that can dazzle at any occasion without having to bare all to the elements. Take for example Nicole Miller’s stunning No Strings Attached mini, Just Cavalli’s beautiful Nakoma tunic, and the editor’s pick Temperley London’s long sleeve Lotus dress. These dresses give just the right amount of coverage to keep you from shivering when queuing for the club without taking anything away from the breath-taking look you want to achieve for an event.

There’s no denying the striking and glamorous look created by East Asian fashion, so be prepared to be the centre of attention in any room when you collide with this trend, it’s feminine and flirty with a style to attain any occasion. However, you do not have to leave your comfort zone in order to embrace this fashion trend; a little goes a long way. Even a piece of oriental inspired statement jewellery can make all the difference to your outfit and keep you bang on-trend. Take a look at and Mawi’s jade multi-charm bracelet, they ooze oriental fashion and can elegantly enhance any outfit.



The End of Student Life!

Pre-drinks :)

Pre-drinks 🙂

Heeey everyone!

Sorry I have not been updating my blog recently, but I have been really busy getting a degree and joining ‘The Future Vintage’ team, helping them with their upcoming charity fashion show! Finishing uni is really daunting, especially when your not absolutely certain about what you want to do, so I am looking at different internships and graduate schemes that may be able to help me figure out how I’m going to fund my serious clothes fetish and buying things I need at the time I see them.

But, what the best part of finishing uni is.. THE GRAD BALL! With our uni adopting *sigh* ‘Harry Potter’ themed ball, we thankfully did not have to wear attire reflecting the large man in the corner dressed as Hagrid, or the small boy or girl (we couldn’t decide) mirroring the Harry Potter character’s iconic bo-selecta glasses and cape. But regardless of the not very promising theme, the hall looked beautiful, as did all the people who filled it. It was weird seeing all the boys in their sharp suits and the girls in their formal dresses when you know they are just going to be ‘dutty whining’ to Sean Paul by the end of the night, and waving their hair extensions around ‘coz they just don’t care’. There was an array of fashion decisions made for the evening, and I noticed, even after a glass (bottle) of wine, that the majority of women decided to go with the very fashionable ‘tail dress’, including three out of five of my housemates.

This dress style is very popular and an excellent way of looking elegant, whilst still showing a bit of leg and being able to get down on the dance floor. I, of course, did not get the memo and went in a white, (something I regretted as soon as I walked in and found myself underneath a heap of drunken boys who decided to try out the rides outside) knee length dress with a flowy bottom and a fitted top. What I love about this dress is the flower detailing that makes a v-shape pattern on the torso of the body. I have noticed this flower detailing becoming a theme in spring/summer collections, and something I expect to see far more of during the summer. My dress is from a high-street store, and although I was reluctant to buy anything that could be easily duplicated by someone else, I fell in love with its simple elegance straight away. The shape is perfect for someone who would like to have a bit of shape on the hips, and at the same time bring attention away from the stomach. I matched this dress with flesh-coloured, feet-slicing heels and a flesh colours clutch and it complimented nicely.