The Slip of the Peplum

So, last year when the peplum was in every magazine and high-street store, I must admit I didn’t quite get it. The skirt is cute, as it revels in the curvier female, flattering the waist and bum and accentuating the beauty of an hourglass figure, but the top always had me confused. I always thought it looked like a dress, but in the form of a top, it didn’t really sit right with jeans unless they’re ultra tight, but at the same time I found a peplum top is too short to sport with leggings.

However, time has gone by and the peplum is still here and queer, and if you can’t beat them join them, and that is exactly what I have done and I have never looked back. If worn with the right shiny leggings or jeans, it can look so right and bring your inner Kim Kardashian out. It can be said for the peplum, that it is one of the few pieces of clothing that suits the curvier lady more as it can hide the stomach and show off the splendour of a woman’s waist.

And it’s so versatile! The peplum top can be worn casually with a pair of tight jeans when you’re going to lunch with a friend as well as with shiny leggings and heels when you’re going to a club. I bought a peplum top from Topshop by Wal G of which I fluctuate in its use for going to a bar or going shopping:

Furthermore, there is more to a peplum than just a top; they are on skirts and jackets, always being revived and changed to keep up with the trends. The recent fashioning of the peplum is the pep-hem. You can find this take of the peplum at the bottom of a lot of skirts; however, this time, I don’t know if I can be swayed on the style. Unlike the peplum, which has been traditionally used to highlight curves, the ‘peplumed’ hem seems to me to give the illusion of a chunkier leg; something that I don’t think a lot of women would want.

Although, this can be dependent on the length of the skirt. Take for example ASOS curve exclusive skirt with peplum, although it is charming and looks good on the model, I can’t help but think for the plus size lady for which the peplum has been so giving to, this might be a bit of a down fall. I think that unless you have really slim legs, that this peplum design which starts just above the knee may focus on the calf, which is the larger part of the leg, making them perhaps seem bigger than what they are.

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skirt With Peplum Hem

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skirt With Peplum Hem

The peplum-hem also seems a bit old-fashioned and reminds me of the 50s, which isn’t a bad thing, but there’s a difference between old-fashion and retro, and the hem definitely takes on the middle aged 50s housewife look for me, something the RETRO peplum top and waist skirt takes away from because of its sexy, edgy appeal. So overall, I think the peplum should be held up at the waist and not left to fall at the knees.


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