Wrist Wear: What’s the Limit?

My Wrist

How much is too much? I have always loved dressing my arms in bracelets and big watches, but when is the stage where arm jewellery starts to look garish? Take Kim Kardashian‘s collection of Cartier bracelets that she displayed last month on Instagram, I think this looks stylish and chic but I read some comments of how they look ‘too much’ and ‘tacky’. Obviously my modest wrist does not compare to her arm’s collection but is there a clear limit of how much you want to drape on your arm? It’s funny because the reason why I think I am obsessed with bracelets and rings more than any other type of jewellery is because they are really the only pieces you can physically see and hear when you’re moving around, and I always find them a nice surprise whenever I’m reminded I am wearing them 🙂

Also I also find that a selection of bracelets and rings make more of a statement, how many you use, the combination you have chosen are almost like a small extension of your personality and can look a but quirky. Plus, this kind of jewellery style kind add a stylish touch to any outfit.

Kim K's Cartier Arm

Kim K’s Cartier Arm


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