The End of Student Life!

Pre-drinks :)

Pre-drinks 🙂

Heeey everyone!

Sorry I have not been updating my blog recently, but I have been really busy getting a degree and joining ‘The Future Vintage’ team, helping them with their upcoming charity fashion show! Finishing uni is really daunting, especially when your not absolutely certain about what you want to do, so I am looking at different internships and graduate schemes that may be able to help me figure out how I’m going to fund my serious clothes fetish and buying things I need at the time I see them.

But, what the best part of finishing uni is.. THE GRAD BALL! With our uni adopting *sigh* ‘Harry Potter’ themed ball, we thankfully did not have to wear attire reflecting the large man in the corner dressed as Hagrid, or the small boy or girl (we couldn’t decide) mirroring the Harry Potter character’s iconic bo-selecta glasses and cape. But regardless of the not very promising theme, the hall looked beautiful, as did all the people who filled it. It was weird seeing all the boys in their sharp suits and the girls in their formal dresses when you know they are just going to be ‘dutty whining’ to Sean Paul by the end of the night, and waving their hair extensions around ‘coz they just don’t care’. There was an array of fashion decisions made for the evening, and I noticed, even after a glass (bottle) of wine, that the majority of women decided to go with the very fashionable ‘tail dress’, including three out of five of my housemates.

This dress style is very popular and an excellent way of looking elegant, whilst still showing a bit of leg and being able to get down on the dance floor. I, of course, did not get the memo and went in a white, (something I regretted as soon as I walked in and found myself underneath a heap of drunken boys who decided to try out the rides outside) knee length dress with a flowy bottom and a fitted top. What I love about this dress is the flower detailing that makes a v-shape pattern on the torso of the body. I have noticed this flower detailing becoming a theme in spring/summer collections, and something I expect to see far more of during the summer. My dress is from a high-street store, and although I was reluctant to buy anything that could be easily duplicated by someone else, I fell in love with its simple elegance straight away. The shape is perfect for someone who would like to have a bit of shape on the hips, and at the same time bring attention away from the stomach. I matched this dress with flesh-coloured, feet-slicing heels and a flesh colours clutch and it complimented nicely.


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