Welcome to AestheticDaze!

Hi guys,

welcome to the opening of AestheticDaze, this blog is aimed at people interested in fashion and popular culture, or what I consider to be popular culture. As a student currently dealing with the horrors of being an English Literature/Language finalist (this is me being slightly dramatic). I have a strong interest in fashion and music and want to share this through this creative form.

Being a third year student in this financial climate is scary, especially when you want to break out into the difficult industry of fashion journalism and PR, so I thought, like so many others, to document my fashion ideas and what I see about popular culture on my own blog. I have been interested in fashion and music since I can remember and I am regularly downloading music and reading fashion articles during the breaks of writing my dissertation, as these are the only things stopping me from ‘committing off balc’ (a shortened term me and my friends use for committing suicide off of a balcony).

However, it is not just fashion and music I will be blogging about, I will also be illustrating updates about the happenings of uni life and things that I think are funny or interesting, and hopefully others will agree.

Thank you and enjoy 🙂

Con x


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